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Printed Promotional Pieces
for Business Events

What would you like?
Sales promotions, Grand Opening celebrations, gift certificates, private sale invitations?

How would you like the printing or drawing to be on the paper: raised or flat printing?
Raised printing is thermography and is used with fine quality papers. These papers can be viewed at our online store. Although set up for ordering wedding stationery, any informal card shown with any invitation is appropriate for a private invitation.

If flat printing is desired, we can provide both calligraphy and drawings in jpeg format for your unlimited use. Many will choose to place these jpegs in a document and print to their computer or take the jpeg to their local copy shop for printing.

After you have an idea of what you would like, call, email or complete this form.  We'll be in touch.

Calligraphy provided to company: flat printing in green ink at a copy shop

Calligraphy and logo provided to thermographer for raised printing on invitation stock with envelopes


Standard typestyles for printed forms

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