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How to Use the Preview Feature
for YOUR Invitation's Wording

The online invitation preview feature located within is a convenient way to assess the look of selected fonts with your wording, irregardless of the paper selected.

To get started previewing your wording, 

  1.  Choose an invitation from a category on the homepage of choose invitations online or do the advanced search from the homepage where you can select design theme, color schemes and price range. 

   2. Fill in your information

   3 Choose the ink and lettering (font) you like best

   4. Select a verse or write your own verse

   5. View a proof.

We encourage you to make changes to the wording, lettering and ink color to create your own look. If you want to view another invitation, your information should be “stored” to avoid retyping. You can proof again and again until you are fully satisfied.

The Preview Feature

Samples of wording for invitations to all types of celebrations:  invitations for weddings, anniversary, community, businesssocial events, retirement, baby events, sweet 16/Quince Anos, graduation/prom, adult: formal birthday party.

What to consider when you order invitations
Be sure to see how your wording will look if you choose a typestyle rather than calligraphy.
The Preview feature can be used for any typestyle and ink color with the paper stock represented within our online ordering site for invitations.

Although the site is designed with wedding invitations in mind, many of the fine paper stocks lend themselves to other celebrations. 

You may also use this feature for other paper stocks represented on the anniversary pages, Sweet 16/Quince Anos pages, the social invitation stock, and the all-in-one invitation pages.

Simply choose any paper stock similar to the one you have selected from these pages and follow the directions for using this feature in the first column. 

Review the type styles, ink color and wording, you may place your order with a phone call, fax or email.

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