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Verses on Love

The verses shown below may be used on some invitations as a
lead-in to the main part of your invitation. One quote of your choice or your names may be reproduced in raised lettering, on the front or inside of selected invitations. The option will be noted with the invitation when it is available. Of course, it is available on custom type or calligraphic invitations.

These love thoughts are also perfect to
order for a personalized calligraphy piece.

Verse # Q4
Each of us - a half - incomplete
together we are as one…
in this there shall be joy.

Verse # Q5
Let this be our destiny
to love, to live,
to begin each new day together
to share our lives forever.

Verse # Q6
Today is the first day
of our life together

Verse # Q7
Each hour, each day, each year
We grow as two, yet as one,
We grow apart, yet together
Forming an eternal love

Verse # Q8
In this world of uncertainty
and confusion,
we two have found each other…
different yet alike
We have grown together in
love and understanding

Verse # Q9
The love we share today
shines from sunrise to sunrise
growing brighter, year to year
as we share our lives

Verse # Q11
How beautiful is the day
that is touched by

Verse # Q12
Love is beautiful simply
by being what it is

Verse # Q13
Today we begin sharing
our life…
… our love

Verse # Q14
Two lives, two hearts
joined together in friendship
united forever in

Verse # Q15
We will share our tomorrows
and all that they hold

Verse # Q16
Love fills the moment
And the moment begins eternity
Love fills a lifetime
and a lifetime begins this hour

Verse # Q17
The ultimate miracle of love is this
that love is given to us
to give to one another

Verse # Q18
The most joyous of occasions
Is the union of man and woman
In celebration of life…

Verse # Q19
With each believing the other to be
a giver of love, a sharer of sorrow,
a bringer of joy and a reason for life

Verse # Q20
One love
that is shared
by two…

Verse # Q22
On this day
I will marry my friend
The one who shares my dreams,
life and

Verse # Q23
Today we love…
and tomorrow…

Verse # Q24
Love is the most
beautiful gift
we are given
to share

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Verse # Q25
The miracle of love is
that love is given to us
to give to one another…

Verse # Q26
This day
I will marry my best friend,
the one I laugh with,
live for, Love

Verse # Q27
In the sweetness of love
let there be laughter
and in all our tomorrows
the freshness of today

Verse # Q28
You are a part of our lives…
please be a part of
our celebration of love

Verse # Q30
He is soft-spoken,
and I am a chatterbox
He loves a love story,
and I like to laugh
He whispered,
“Will you marry me?”
and I shouted, “Yes!”

Verse # Q31
Hand in hand
heart to heart
love encircles us…

Verse # Q32
Two hearts
that beat
as one…

Verse # Q42
Our love is in bloom
like a perfect rose

Verse # Q43
Love turns
one person into two
and two into one

Verse # Q44
There are three things that will endure
faith, hope, and love
and the greatest of these is Love
   I Corinthians 13:13

Verse # Q45
never gives up,
never loses faith,
is always hopeful,
and endures
through every circumstance.
Love will last forever.
   I Corinthians 13:7-8

Verse # D1
A little bit of you
And a little bit of me
Have switched respective places
In a mystifying “We”

Verse # D2
Love is patient; love is kind.
Love is not jealous, it does not put on airs: it is not snobbish.
Love is never rude; it is not self seeking; it is not prone to anger;
neither does it brood over injuries.
Love does not rejoice in what is wrong but rejoices with the truth. There is no limit to love’s forbearance,
to its trust, its hope, its power to endure.
Love never fails.
   1 Corinthians 13:4-7

Verse # D3
Every day, every hour, every moment
makes me fell more deeply
how blessed we are in each other;
how purely, how faithfully,
how ardently and how tenderly
we love each other…
   William Wordsworth to his wife Mary

Verse # D4
You took a vow twenty five years ago today
to love each other in every way
You’ve shared your dreams,
your laughter and tears
overlooking imperfections through the years.
Always knowing you are best friends,
you share a special kind of love
that knows no end.

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