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How to Order Invitations

All invitations inform your guests of the date, time, place and hosts of the occasion.

         Invitation selected from online catalog      
                  printed with raised type         
       on stock paper selection, lined envelope

Invitations should reflect the event and give the invited guests their first impression of the celebration.

Use our checklist to help you personalize your invitation.

Invitations generated on a computer
Most casual invitations can be generated on a computer. These personal invitations can be created using computer fonts or scanned calligraphy, and photos and images, drawings, standard designs or custom motifs converted to a jpeg or gif format. Stock papers for these types of invitations are available at retail stores and copy shops.

For those who want a little more than standard fonts, we offer calligraphy and some drawing and design work, in original form or converted to electronic files. The electronic files are provided to you in jpeg format for easy placement within your document.

Raised Printing: Thermographic invitations
Finer paper stock and raised printing (thermography) reflect a different type of event than a casual invitation does. These invitations are ordered from a thermographer’s distributor. There is a wide selection of thermographer’s fonts, designs and monograms available.  Often, a proof of your invitation is available for your review before it is printed. Addionally, there is an online feature to preview your wording in selected fonts.

Dogbones Network offers calligraphy that can be provided to the thermographer and will be printed in raised letters. 

Send us an email or complete this form to explain what calligraphy or custom drawing or design work you would like done… first names, monogram, invitation, invitation ensemble (invitation, return address, reception card, response card, response envelope), directions, place cards, programs, etc.

The calligraphy charge is dependent on the amount and style of calligraphy selected. After we have an idea of your preferences of calligraphy within your invitation and celebration, we can give you a proposal for your work As an example, calligraphy for an invitation ensemble done in the italic hand will be $125. Calligraphy sample 


When ordering your invitation, a message will be displayed if one of our beautiful translucent wraps that let your guests unwrap the news of your event or elegant self-adhesive bows is available.

Bows, if there aren’t offered as a standard option for the invitation you’ve chosen, can be ordered separately from the accessories section of .


Complete Your Invitation Package: how and why of stationery 

Now that you have determined “the look” of your invitation, you must decide which
printed pieces are needed for your event. Dependent upon the formality or casualness of your party, an all-in-one invitation may be perfect for your event.

You want to maintain the look or theme of your event throughout all printed material. Not only does that detail reflect organization and caring but it imprints the image on your guest’s memory.   

Business Events   Community Events    
Social Events and Private Parties  
Weddings   Anniversary Invitations    
Baby Events    
Sweet 16/Quince Anos    Graduation/Prom    
Birthday or Retirement  

         Personalized invitation         
         with custom drawing                            
           and calligraphy     

Basic choices for your invitation
   Computer generated or copy shop vs.
      Raised printing
   Typeset letters vs. Calligraphy
   Paper stock

Invitations for all kinds of celebrations


Lined envelopes are an inexpensive way to enhance the elegance and the uniqueness of your invitation.

Add a lined inner envelope that matches your invitation and ink color.

above: celtic lettering

below: italic lettering
(envelope is intentionally cropped)

All lettering styles and ink colors are available to match your invitations.

Most invitations come with two envelopes. The outer envelope that is addressed to your guests' homes and the inner "ungummed" envelope that is addressed with your guests' names and fits inside the larger outer envelope. All of our invitation ensembles receive a FREE copy of our Helpful Hints for Addressing Guide that explains the rules of addressing etiquette and how to assemble your invitation and accessories so you can properly address your invitations. We also provide a free guide that you insert into your envelopes to keep your handwritten address straight. addressing envelopes 
Printing your return address on the back of the outer envelope will help assure the return of any invitation that may have addressing errors.

Professional calligraphers are available to address your invitations.

The Fine Details

Complete the look of your event with matching napkins and guest mementos.