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That Complement Your Invitations

For the comfort of your guests, if you’re having a formal event, or if there is tight seating, it is best to have a seating plan. To do this, plans must be made prior to the wedding day, determining who sits where.

Some event co-ordinators have guests “check-in” at a registration table to receive their seat or table number.  

Another method for seating plans is to arrange place cards on a table, alphabetically by guest’s last name. Each card has a table number on it. “Billboard” sized matches double as mementos and place cards.

If a framable piece of artwork is desired, a seating chart can be created. Guests are listed alphabetically with their assigned table number. The top and corners of the piece are decorated with selected designs and details of the event.
Ordering Place cards

Some place cards are associated with specific invitations at our online ordering site. Most have to be selected from this page. Send us an email, call or complete this form when you decide on a place card. Be sure to tell us if you want us to complete them in handwriting or calligraphy.

handwritten card with envelope 

name and table written in italic calligraphy 

sample of handwriting that complements
place cards purchased at a retail store