Wedding Invitation Line         
 represented by On Paper 
       Hand done Wedding Calligraphy     
When and Why of Stationery           Invitation Checklist 
Sample wording for wedding invitations, rehearsal dinners, receptions       
Expenses Itemized         Planning Calendar

Wedding Invitation Checklist - 
                    Have you decided on whether to have…

   * Engagement Announcements 
   * Wedding Announcements
   * Hold the Date Announcements

   * Colored Lining on the Inner Envelopes of Invitation Set
   * Return Address on Invitation Envelopes 
   * Clear, Decorative Envelope Seals 
   * Reception Cards 
   * Response Cards 
   * Mailing address printed on Response Envelopes 
   * Matching Informal or Thank You Notes 
   * Return Address printed on Informal Note Envelopes
   * Return Address printed on Thank You Note Envelopes 
   * Ribbons or Wraps for Invitations
   * Wedding Programs 
   * Napkins
   * Wedding Scrolls or Bookmarks  
   * Favor Note Pads or Matches 
   * Place Cards or Seating Chart
   * Cake Boxes or Favor Boxes 
   * Bridal, Reception and Ceremony Accessories

Bride's Checklist for Wedding Stationery

The When and Whys of Wedding Stationery and Invitations
why use a particular piece of the wedding invitation ensemble and when to send it 

Sample wording for wedding invitations and wedding events..
Any verse can be used with any invitation or announcement or you may write your own.

How to Order Invitations            Order invitations online

Reminders for Your Invitation Order 
   * Order the correct quantity plus 25 for unexpected circumstances 
   * Select ink and inner envelope lining color 
   * Select Lettering style number or calligraphy style
   * Does invitation copy contain the time, place and date of ceremony? 
   * Check ALL Spelling
How to use the Preview Your Wording Feature

Use the Invitation Checklist to help you

With Your Invitation Order
Send invitations to the members of the wedding party and their parents. It is also appropriate to include the officiant and his/her spouse. All children over the age of sixteen should receive their own invitation.

Ink and Inner Envelope Colors
Invitations can be printed in our standard ink colors: (representation of color) Gray, Rose, Navy, Royal, Wedgewood, Burgandy, Purple, Rosewood, Claret, Forest Green, Periwinkle, Sage, Frosty Plum, Mocha, Charcoal, Passion, Moss, Aqua, Classic Gold, Brilliant Gold, or Silver) If a non-standard ink color is desired, please specify the PMS color. Your paper stock and type style selection may alter the final color appearance. There is an additional charge for any color other than black.

Select Lettering style or Calligraphy style
All lettering styles shown are produced by a digital state-of-the-art typesetting system, creating beautiful connecting scripts and elegant lettering. Most fonts have been modified to meet our standards and may not match exactly to those in other albums or personal computers.
Large Name Format
The names of the bride and groom can be put in a larger size than the rest of the lettering on the invitation. This optional large name format is available at no additional charge on any lettering style on any invitation shown in this album. To order the large format style, simply add “LN” after the lettering style number or in the note field provided on the internet order form. 
Monograms are a traditional and elegant way to show your initials. The sequence of a traditional monogram is the first letter of the bride’s first name is the first initial, the first letter of the groom’s last name is the second and the third letter is the first initial of the groom’s first name. They are used on informal and thank you notes.

If you choose to have your invitation in
calligraphy, it is done "camera ready" for printing.
Re-check all spelling and dates and time.