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Programs for Your Wedding

The who's who of your day...
This gives you the opportunity to name the people in the wedding party, as well as note any selected readers or musicians who complete your wedding. Many offer prayers, thank yous and directions to the reception. 

They can be printed on paper that complement or match your invitation. Exact paper match are with invitation stock: E835, E964, and E8665.

Item # E1234J; lettering style #35; Black tassel 

Any lettering style can be used on the front page of this program. Be sure to provide complete copy including names, date, time, place. The title (shown: “Our Wedding Service”: lettering #35) will be printed in a larger type size unless specified otherwise.

The copy on the insert sheet will be printed in the typestyle shown (lettering #26) in the gallery at right.

A total of 50 lines is included in the price but additional lines can be added for $1.00 per line.
Faxed proofs, to avoid errors, are recommended
for a cost of $6.00
Black ink shown; all ink colors are available.

Tassels available separately in white, gold, black, burgundy, purple, silver, forest green, navy, ecru, periwinkle, sage or claret. They are $5.00 per 25.

Using Calligraphy and Custom Motifs and Drawings for Programs 

Gallery of Program Samples
Pricing for E1234J and E3656J                                      

Black ink         25          50              75           100           
                 $109.52   $121.52   $132.72   $143.92         
                     125          150          Add'l 25's                  
                  $171.92   $199.92      $28.00                       

For colored ink, add $5.50 to total price.  Price includes 50 lines of copy.   Assembly is not included in the price.