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This domain package is available at for $24.95 per year.

Domain Name, Email, Blog, Web site and Photo Album

This is an internet presence that can be changed by you as your life changes. Start with plans for your wedding, continue through retirement. Many themes are available, wedding included.

You select and change themes and colors; add your images...
keep it current with your life (sample of an ever changing website) or keep it archival, showing your wedding events as long as you choose.
   Package includes:
      Your domain name
      Email at your domain name
      Web site (includes template and hosting)
      Photo album (no log-in necessary)

Working package samples
Web site:
Photo Album: 

Directions for using the Domain Name Package can be found at , a division of Dogbones Network Inc.

Sold by size,
Online File FolderTM starts at 50MB for $4.95;
bride favorite is
2,000MB for $19.95.
Available at .

Image Vault

Online File FolderTM allows you to share or back up your digital pictures from a computer or CD. It stores them in a safe place for you. You’ll have access to them 24/7, you can share them with others, and you can even encrypt them for an extra level of protection. Plus, you can access these online pictures directly from your desktop, transfer pictures with drag 'n drop simplicity and even synchronize them on your computer.

Most guests take wedding pictures. This web-based secure storage can receive pictures through emails or by sharing your secure log-in; you set-up your parameters for access. With log-in access, anyone can download photos and then create albums, burn a CD or keep in afolder on their computer. It's a great way to collect and share all the pictures taken for your wedding.